BRAINTREE, MA—December 1, 2021

Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) Announces Sale of Internet Business to Comcast

Today, Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD)—a nonprofit, publicly owned power utility and broadband internet provider—announced it has sold its internet business to Comcast. The sale will allow BELD’s approximately 2,500 internet and phone customers to transfer service to Comcast, which has served Braintree for 18 years and has among the fastest and most widely available Gig speed broadband service. The sales price is not being disclosed, and the deal will have no impact on BELD’s electric division. The transition will begin later this year.

“We are proud of our 20-year history as a local Internet Service Provider and sincerely thankful for our customers’ loyalty,” said Bill Bottiggi, BELD’s general manager. “Our top priority has always been our customers, and we continue to think of their best interests while adjusting to market conditions. After evaluating our options, we are confident the best decision is to connect our residential and business customers with Comcast’s best-in-class network, products, services and customer experience.”

Bottiggi said BELD recently conducted a study showing it would need to make a major, multi-million dollar investment in network infrastructure over the next few years to maintain quality of service. This cost would have required a significant increase in customer rates.

“The broadband market has always been competitive, and the pandemic added further uncertainty. This sale will ensure our internet customers can count on reliable, robust service over the long term while we uphold BELD’s responsibility to the Braintree taxpayer community,” said Bottiggi.

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For FAQs about this acquisition and for information about Comcast and its Xfinity products and services, please visit Customers will be contacted directly by Comcast in the coming days and provided with a dedicated 800 number to discuss options that best suit their needs, schedule installations and more.

BRAINTREE: OPEN FOR BUSINESS campaign moves to new website

Braintree Open For Business Logo BlackBELD will continue to deliver its shop-local campaign that launched in August. Braintree: Open for Business, Powered by BELD is a blog series spotlighting the shops, restaurants, service providers and other companies that make Braintree special.

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Founded in 1891, Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) is Braintree’s nonprofit, municipal power utility, owned and operated by the citizens of Braintree. As our residents always say, “With BELD, the power never goes out for long in Braintree!” BELD has earned national and state recognition for innovation in technology and services, and it also sponsors community-enrichment campaigns, including Braintree Drives Electric and Braintree: Open for Business.

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